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Book Covers Designed by Kura Carpenter

“Kura is clearly and outstanding designer, but what really sets her apart is her patience and her dedication to creating the ideal final product.

We went through countless revisions and she readily incorporated all of my feedback and offered her own brilliant ideas. I can't say enough about how great is was to work with her.”
Wade Crawford, (USA)
Author of Deviants and the Divine
“I can highly recommend Kura Carpenter as a cover designer.

Kura produced a cover for my publishing house recently that was a magnificent balance of simplicity and evocative imagery. Elegant and yet capturing the essence of what the book was about.

I couldn't have asked for better. She would be an asset to any book project.”
“Kura made the creation of the cover for my novel ‘A Dark Future’ an easy and painless process, allowing me to concentrate on the production of the book itself.

As the second book in a series, there were some constraints to the cover design, and Kura accepted these without concern as she did with any suggested changes.

She regularly gave updates and advice for improvements to the design, making the end product better than I could have hoped.

With her technical skill, her eye for design, understanding of the requirements of a book cover, and her attention to detail, I would not hesitate to use her again, neither could I recommend her highly enough to others.”
“Kura is a talented designer: she perfectly understood my concept and since the beginning she demonstrated great creativity.

Kura also dealt with me in a very professional manner and with remarkable communication skills. I certainly would work with her again.”
Giuseppe Tortorici, (Ireland)
Author of Isemen
"Working with Kura is an absolute pleasure! She is multi-talented, scholarly, personable and possesses a lovely sense of humor. She is also astute and conscientious about her work and professional relationships with clients.

The first time I worked with Kura, she assisted me with a redesign of my book cover for a stage play celebrating the life and writing of Dorothy L. Sayers. Her approach to the project and the suggestions she made not only demonstrated a sensitivity to my vision but also mastery of her craft.

I have just completed my second project with Kura which was to create a front and back book cover for an animation film script. Again, I was delighted at her versatility and the ease with which she was able to accommodate my vision and make wonderful contributions to the work. I look forward to working with Kura again and I give her my very highest recommendation."
Victoria Nelson, (USA)
Novelist and Playwright
“Kura is a very talented cover designer and I was delighted with both her design and her responsiveness in fine-tuning it.

Highly recommended!”
“Kura did a great job of designing the book cover for A Necklace of Souls, even giving me coffee to keep me sane and being patient with my indecision.

Kura understands what designs will sell; in less than 30 days, e-sales have been steadily positive.”
RL Stedman, (NZ)
YA Fantasy Novelist
"I began working with Kura at the beginning of 2018 to rebrand and update the covers on my books. I found her helpful, responsive, flexible and full of ideas. She was also willing to collaborate with my editor to achieve the best results for my historical fiction novels."
“I enjoyed working with Kura. She is a talented designer; she nailed the concept perfectly, and she has great communication skills.

I give her five stars!”
James E Thomas, (USA)
Author of Reed Butler's Story
I am writing to say how delighted I am with the cover Kura designed for my book ‘Weekend in Weighton’.

Not only am I very happy with the finished cover I also thoroughly enjoyed working with you during the creative process. I learned a lot going through your ‘patented’, step-by-step design journey.

I must also commend your patience, fast turnaround [especially given the difference in our time zones!], amazing creative input, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile.
I am extremely happy to recommend you and I look forward to working with you again."
Beatrice Hale - The Resolute Heart - cover designer Kura Carpenter
"Kura Carpenter has an uncanny ability to read an author's mind, and design a cover which best depicts the story and bring out ideas behind the story.

I enjoyed working with Kura enormously, every conversation produced a good result, and the finished product is superb.

Eyecatching, riveting, and evocative! Thanks Kura. Let's get on with the next one, please."
Patrick-G-Cox---A-Baltic-Affair - cover designer Kura Carpenter
"I have had a fabulous response from the designer of the cover for A Baltic Affair. The designer, Kura Carpenter, has captured the spirit of the book beautifully in her artwork. I have no hesitation in commending her to other authors and to publishers.

Kura is brilliant at capturing the author's ideas and turning them into something stunningly visual. The PDF she has sent me contains eight variations on the concept she has created around a map, a sunset over the sea and a ship under full sail.

The colours are breathtaking. the impact is 'pick me up' which is exactly what you need on a cover. I know my own reaction when a cover attracts my attention, if I like the blurb I read and I like the genre and possible storyline - I'll take it to the cashier and buy."
"Working with Kura is a fantastic experience. She's extremely organised throughout the process from helping you hone your cover ideas initially to the final design  production.

She's also excellent at giving you advice and direction on how to get the best images and which images work or don't work according to your genre and cover ideas.

She has a very good eye for images, is very knowledgeable and quick with her responses at all stages and I was really happy with the quality of both ebook cover and print cover. She is also very sympathetic to the author's side of things - perhaps because she's an author herself. I hope to work with her again in the foreseeable future."
Thriller novel "Dead by the Drop" author LP Ring - cover designer Kura Carpenter
Thriller novel "Long snake moan" Christchurch author LP Ring - cover designer Kura Carpenter
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